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Why Work With Korwave?


Founder, Patrick McFarland, started this company because of his experiences in his own family with his sister's Epilepsy. One of the issues that struck him was how little independence his sister had. She could not go anywhere or do anything without being constantly monitored by his parents, and it affected the entire family because of it. In Patrick's eyes, the solution was simple, a device that could continuously monitor children for seizures anywhere and anytime, significantly reducing, if not altogether eliminating, the need for constant supervision. Patrick and his team are dedicated to improving the lives of both the children and families that suffer from this disease.

Patrick's Story

Founder, Patrick McFarland, often babysat his little sister. A normal day during the hot Phoenix summer would usually consist of Patrick playing video games and his sister playing in her room. One sunny afternoon however, ended much differently. While in his room, his sister called out that she couldn't see. Not believing her, he checked in and saw that she truly couldn't. A short time later, she went into a full Grand Mal seizure, with a 12 year old Patrick sitting by helplessly. Unable to reach his parents, he spent the next 15 minutes in terror watching this scene unfold. Deeply moved by this impressionable experience, thirteen years later Patrick started Korwave.

Challenge and Opportunity

Complications from Epilepsy kill thousands of children each year. Those living with the disease often experience isolation or embarrassment due to the unpredictability of their seizures and the need for constant, around-the-clock care, while parents and guardians endure tremendous levels of stress trying to keep them safe.

It takes a typical patient 10 years from initial Epilepsy diagnosis to receive the appropriate treatment to control seizures, while 30% of those patient’s conditions remain uncontrolled. Because the child only sees their neurologist for brief office visits (i.e. 15 minutes, once every three months), the physician is exposed to only a snapshot of the child’s seizure activity. This results in a “best guess” type of treatment and is considered a primary reason why control of seizures is often delayed.

With 5.1 million Americans in the U.S with this disease and an estimated 750,000 children, the cost to the U.S. healthcare system exceeds $15.5 billion per year, while the emotional harm is incalculable. Despite that, there is little research data on Epilepsy compared to other neurological disorders, with the largest databases containing less than 5,000 patients. This limited data makes it is difficult to understand the causes and develop new therapies, forcing researchers to rely on inaccurate animal models.

All of this results in a largely unsolved problem, presenting Korwave with a market opportunity of over $500M and the ability to radically change the lives of individuals and families.


Korwave is being developed to be a mobile, wireless, brain monitoring medical device for patients with Epilepsy, pending our 510k clearance. Korwave would be worn on the head, and looks like a hairband or wireless headphones. Korwave is discrete, unlike competitors that look like obvious and stigmatizing headgear. This unique, patent pending design, would notify a caretaker wirelessly via bluetooth technology when a seizure occurs, and if the seizure lasts beyond 5 minutes, a potentially life threatening condition, Korwave can call 911 and provide the patient’s location and medical information. Each month, a digest of seizure activity would be securely sent to the patient’s neurologist via our web platform, as well as stored in the cloud to create a “big data” profile of Epilepsy. This profile would be analyzed individually and combined with thousands of other patients to hopefully discover new information about the disease using machine learning.

What Moms Are Saying

Why Connie loves us


Baker / Mother

"Patrick, I would just like to express my gratitude and appreciation for people like yourself that want to make a difference in the lives of people who have Epilepsy. We are 100% on board with this concept. This device would be a God send for mothers and fathers of children with Epilepsy. Whatever you need, don't hesitate to ask."

Why Megan loves us


Personal Trainer / Mother

"Hi Patrick, I just saw your post about the news on the development of Korwave. Please include me in any future emails. Thank you so much for everything you're doing!!!"

Why Laura loves us


Homemaker / Mother

"Sounds like a fantastic product you are working on. My son has had Epilepsy since the age of 5. At 15 he had 3 surgeries in the month of June, 2011. Seizure free after that for 3+ years and he is now 20. They have just started to come back again. Epilepsy just plain and simple sucks."

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