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What We Do


Korwave is a mobile, easy-to-use EEG (Electroencephalogram) that discretely fits on top of a user's head. It continuously monitors brain activity, and can automatically detect and report seizures when they occur, giving the user a greater sense of independence and dignity that they hadn't otherwise known.


When a seizure is detected, Korwave will call or text a family member the time it started, as well as the user's location.


If a seizure lasts longer than a user specified time, Korwave will call 911 and provide them the user's location.


At the end of each month, Korwave will email your neurologist a monthly digest of seizure activity.

Who We Are


Founded by engineers with a passion for helping others, Korwave was born from a desire to better mankind through thoughtful and innovative technology.

Picture of Patrick


Leader / Engineer / Co-Founder

Because my sister was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 4, I have had a keen understanding of the difficulties those with this condition face. My goal is to make a difference in this world through the application of science and unbounded compassion. Korwave was an idea that came naturally to me after seeing the trials that she went through. I wanted a way to create a layer of safety and freedom for children like my sister, and Korwave has met that challenge.



Engineer / Co-Founder

I came to America five years ago as an immigrant from Vietnam with the dream of changing the world. I joined the National Guard, and began schooling as an electrical engineer, with the lofty goal of creating a device that could help others. After meeting Patrick and Juan, helping children through Korwave became my calling and I am excited to work on a device that can radically change their lives for the better.

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We are looking for people with epilepsy to try out Korwave and let us know how it works. If you are interested in testing Korwave, contact us through the button below.

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